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After-Care and what to expect during healing

You made the choice to have a permanent makeup procedure. That’s fantastic! Here is what you should
do to care for your skin and what you can expect throughout the healing process:

After-Care Protocol:

  • Keep the area clean & hydrated throughout the healing process.

  • Use Unscented antibacterial soap to gently
    wash the treated area up to 4 x/Day.

  • Do NOT scrub! Use your fingertips to gently massage soap in and rinse

        with water (Distilled water is best for the first 7-10 days) Dab dry with a clean gentle face towel or lint free cotton              pad.

****You will notice within the first couple of days, excess ink and blood may be visible. This is normal.***

  • Once clean and dry (Be sure they are VERY dry) gently massage in a small amount of moisturizer given to you

  • Keep the area moisturized to prevent excessive peeling & scabbing. This will help with pigment


****Your freshly tattooed skin is most prone to infection during the first week, so it is crucial to follow
         recommended hygiene practices consistently during this period.

What To Avoid:

****Keeping your skin moisturized and out direct sunlight sun is essential for the first 10-14 days after PMU ****

  • Avoid swimming and sweat-promoting activities, including exercise, saunas, and steamy showers during this


  • Do not expose the area to excess moisture (Be sure skin is completely dry before moisturizing)

  • Avoid using hot water to wash the treated area; This practice encourages your skin’s pores to open up and creates a

          breeding ground for bacterial, fungal and other microbial infections.

  •  For the first 2 weeks, do not apply make-up or use chemical-containing skincare (especially those containing retinol or glycolic acid)

  •  Be careful when washing your face and hair. Avoid getting any products or water on your brows when showering for at least the first 10 days.

****Sleep on a fresh pillowcase after PMU treatment.****

Within the first few days, Don’t be alarmed if your brows look darker than you would like.
The pigment on your brows appears the most vibrant immediately after your microblading session
and might darken for up to 72 hours after the procedure.

Expect the area to feel a bit swollen and tender.
You may experience some minor redness, bruising, bleeding and oozing during this period. While
unpleasant, these symptoms indicate that your skin is beginning to repair itself. Most likely, these side
effects will be at their peak for the first 24 hours and taper off over the next couple of days following your

On days 2 and 3, your brows may assume a slightly thicker texture (as the skin underneath
gets ready to form scabs) and the pigment could appear a bit darker.
On around day 5, your brows enter their metamorphic stage and may begin shedding some skin.
Between days 5-10, you may notice the top layer of skin start to scab, flake off, peel, and itch
(often the most unpleasant side effect).


***Never scratch this skin. Giving in to this urge can open the wounds and leave you susceptible to irritation, infection and can cause premature patching or pigment fading.***


While patchiness and colour loss can be fixed at your follow-up appointment, allowing the
itchiness to run its course – untouched – will save you time and pain in the long term. Clean the area
Thoroughly & lubricate with vitamin cream as required to help itchiness subside.
At the 2 week mark, you may notice the colour will either “disappear” or significantly lighten.
Don’t worry if it appears that all of your technician’s diligent work has been undone. During the
wound-healing process, The top layer of the skin will shed while the pigment bonds to the lower
level of the epidermis. Once this stage passes, the fresh layer of healed skin allows the pigment to
become visible again, although about 30% lighter than initial shade.

After 2 weeks, you’ve made it through the most transformative and vulnerable stages of the healing process.
To ensure that your brows and skin heal properly, you should schedule a follow-up appointment with
your technician between 6-8 weeks after your initial PMU session. This appointment should be
considerably shorter than your first booking, as long as you followed all of the outlined after-care
protocols and can be used to fix any patchiness or misshapen areas. 
***If you believe that your brows are not healing properly don’t hesitate to contact your PMU technician.***     


Thank you for Trusting me with your PMU Service. I look forward to seeing you again!

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